My trip to Marseille

Monday, 14 August 2017
Some images from my trip to Marseille with Prins & his family

I love the ocean! no matter where, if there is beach then that's all i  need.

We drove to Marseille from Lausanne, which took us around 5hrs by car. We stayed at a hotel 10 mins away from the Prado Beach. I think Prado is the best beach in Marseille, the waves great there. And we also went to Cassis, where the beach was nice & clear but it was a stone beach and not sand, which can be very painful to walk on but a beautiful view & a classy place!

And there are fancy trendy shops as well as street shops and i dont know but i love the tiny street shops, they have different style of clothing which not manyout there wear. Because i like to wear unique clothing than wearing HM & Zara clothing which very 10th person on the street is wearing. These shops are on the street ''Avenue Camille Pelletan''. And we also had markets on the streets selling bags, shoes, swimming suit etc like everything possible. I think they are put up from the morning until midday and i am not sure which days exactly but i think i saw them more than trice. You couldn't bargain with them but the price were fine.

We also managed to do fish pedicure at ''Moment Fish Spa''  it was 1 Euro per minute for we did 15 mins each. I actually have done this before in Rhodes and i felt more difference on my foot in Rhodes than in Marseille, but ya if you are interested you can try it :)

Other than that we were just shopping. went to the beach & ate a lot!

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