My Bday caught up with a wedding in DK

Monday, 14 August 2017
Hi loves,

It's been ages since i logged on into my blog page. I have been very busy with work and with many other decisions i had to make in the past months. I believe now everything is more stable and i finally have time to start blogging again :)

I know i ve never really been very active so let me try to start over again.

So lets re-start my blogging with me talking about the past long weekend, when i went to Denmark for my cousin's wedding.

So i flew to Copenhagen last Thursday and came back home yesterday (Sunday), so it was Prins, my mom & myself who went. We were staying in Nykobing, a very calm & empty place compared to Switzerland so it was not very exciting there :( and unfortunately everyone was busy due to the wedding, so no one really cared about us haha which was very sad but obviously its normal that we were actually there for the wedding & not a holiday.

And it was my birthday on the 11th Aug, but ya because i was in Denmark and we couldn't plan anything, it was a big flop but i was at least with Prins, so it was ok but ya could have been better :(

And my mom was happy to see her mom & her family so she was fine but me & Prins were so bored so we decided to go to Copenhagen with the train (where i stayed, it takes longer with the train then with the car, actually it takes double the time of what a car does) but we had no other option as there was no car available and you couldn't rent one in Nykobing.

So i met this sweet friend of my cousin Jalini, who was also luckily at the house helped us get the train. She walked us to the station and also was kind enough to give us her travel card as that was cheaper than us purchasing the tickets ourselves. So thank you Jalini! I always love & respect people who help and they will always have a place in my heart :)

So yes, we got off at Christianborg in Copenhagen and did some shopping, we always love to shop in other EU countries as we always get tax refund because we live in Switzerland! which is awesome!

So then on Saturday, the wedding day! I had to be the Bridesmaid even though i didnt want to haha, i did refuse but as my cousin insisted again & i couldn't just not bother, so i agreed. But on the wedding, i was waiting so badly to change into my saree and take pictures :D So below are the images with the saree. I was back to my happiness immediately after i changed. I got this saree from Prins's aunt so i am not sure where this is from but i am going to ask her and let you guys know :)

with @JuliaSinnarajah
With another Cousin of mine from Lugano

And i got to meet some very nice youngsters at the wedding  & made some new friends :)

And that night, we were super tired & we just went to bed and woke up the next day, got ready and left to the airport. That was the story of my bday caught up with a wedding.

Have a great week ahead dears <3

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