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Friday, 20 January 2017
Hi loves,

Hope you are doing well. Huhuu it’s Friday! and thats awesome. I ve been feeling ill since the beginning of this week and couldn’t stay home and take rest as this was my 2nd week of work and i didn’t want to be off from work.

I am suffering from cold and cough. My throat is dead, it hurts every time i swallow and i feel so cold always!!

I rarely even have the time to come home and open up my laptop! All i do is come home, eat and right to bed. I haven’t been to the fitness ever since i left to London either. This isn’t going right but i first want to be okay health wise and then start it all again clean and organised. 

Anyways coming back to the topic, my new Job!

I am so happy i got my this new job at Procter &Gamble!!!! Also known as P&G, a american multinational company. This is the biggest international company that i couldn’t even dream working for! i never thought i could be here so fast. I really thank god for this.

I work as a Marketing Functional Expert. And i work with the Home Care brands such as Flash, Mr. Proper, Fairy, Febreeze, Ambi Pur, Swiffer, Antikal etc etc.. I make the content you for example see on Amazon, Tesco, ASDA etc.

As you all might know, as i spoke english throughout my childhood, i am very comfortable in english, even though i do speak german, i only love the swiss german and when it comes to writing and all the paper work it all in high german which i totally am not good at and don’t feel comfortable at, as i never had german at school. Which is why i always only looked for jobs in international firms. But it not very easy to get into a big international company that easy when you just finished your Apprenticeship 2 years back and at 22 but i knew i wanted to surely one day but  i didn't even imagine i would be here so fast. Believe me i even had to go through 3 tests and then 4 interviews :D haha but I am really thankful to god for where i am today. Basically i love my new job and am very happy and thankful about it :P

Btw my Camera is sent for repair, which is why i haven't been filming for a longtime now. But i will be back soon & I am sorry about that.

Anyways, i am going to have some rest now. I am planning to go to Lucerne tomorrow to see my friend after a long time. Hope its not too cold!! And also hope i feel better tomorrow. 

I was also wondering, how to i communicate with my followers? any ideas? i feel i just can’t find the correct way to communicate with my followers! which is so bad but you guys need to help me and suggest me what i can do to get to know you guys better! please? <3

Soooo… have a good night sleep… sweet dreams my loves. Have a lovely weekend!
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