Frequently asked questions on Insta live stream last Saturday

Tuesday, 31 January 2017
So there are a few frequently asked questions i received during my live stream on Insta last Saturday. 

As i was with Prins during the live stream and many of you asked…

Why i was in Lausanne, where i really live and if i live together with Prins

Basically i am from Solothurn, which is around 15-20 mins from Bern. As i got my new job in Geneva, i now stay with my boyfriend & his family in Lausanne and go home to my family in Solothurn whenever i can, which is on weekends.

As Prins's & my parents already know each other and are sure about us getting married, they are okay with me staying at Prins's house. My parents are happier me staying at his house rather then all alone in Geneva and  i am very happy and proud of both the families as trust shouldn't really be on the papers we sign or the ring we exchange or the "Thali" i would wear. 

Married or not married, if you love each other you stay together if there is no love you either break up or get a divorce. It's the same so what matters is love and trust and nothing else. And marriage is also not for the sake of people around me or people who might talk bad about us "what is definitely something a lot of tamil people still worry about in today's world - and do stuff so others won't told bad and you will loose your reputation" all i can say to that is, i don't live for others. 

In my childhood, my mom was very conscious like when we were outside and we are talking something and suddenly when you see other Tamils and my mom would say quiet quite Tamils are coming. And dad would then say, kids don't care about others, you were talking so continue why stop because of them? They don't feed you, do they? Why do you want to impress them? Live for yourself and do what you want. You don't have to sacrifice even a minute of your life for others and you don’t have to live by impressing others.

And i can tell you, i am what i am today because i never cared about others, meaning to when i say caring about others, that is to sacrifice your happiness just for the sake of others and to impress them so that they have a good impression about me.

I have always been a strong person. No matter what i would fight for myself. I don't mean the physically fighting obviously, you know what i mean right? Many in our culture think girls shouldn't fight back because we are girls, girls need to be shutting their mouths.  I never cared, i have always believed that everybody is equal and i can't giving up any damn thing for anyone

I have this friend, she now tells me that she used be always worried what if someone saw me outside at the shop.."what if they saw me late outside and all that bullshit but today after getting to know you i don't care about all that and i have learned to live for myself and thats makes me very happy."

Like seriously? What else would you want to hear?

Now that i had so much to tell just for one question, i ll answer another question in my next post. Question nr. 2. When are we getting married? coming up soon.

Have a great night!
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